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A Bowhunter’s Epic First Deer: Part 2

23 February 2017, 8:21 am

A Bowhunter’s Epic First Deer: Part 2

A bowhunter’s first deer is a rite of passage. It takes work, patience and lessons from past failures. In Part 1 of Zach Davis’ story, we learned that he worked all summer preparing for Utah’s archery mule deer season. He dialed in his equipment at a nearby archery shop and practiced out to 100 yards. […]

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23 February 2017, 8:16 am

Grab the Popcorn: You’ve Gotta See Bow-Wielding Matt Damon in “The Great Wall”!

The Great Wall of China was built to keep out nomadic tribes of horseback archers. Or was it? In his latest action film, “The Great Wall,” Matt Damon deploys his archery skills in an epic battle to save China from mythical creatures hell-bent on destruction. Damon’s character, William, and Pero Tovar, played by Pedro Pascal, […]

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Bowhunting How-To: 9 Tips for Postseason Scouting

22 February 2017, 8:37 am

Bowhunting How-To: 9 Tips for Postseason Scouting

Winter always seems to drag. Cold weather, gray skies and closed deer seasons make bowhunters blue. At best, spring turkey season is over a month away at deer season’s end, and for those in the North, bowfishing usually isn’t an option because most lakes and rivers remain ice-covered. Even though bowhunting opportunities aren’t flourishing in […]

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